The LiberLand Press Association (LLPA) is a non-profit interest group that supports all efforts of the media for an independent coverage of LiberLand affairs and international relations.

It is a united effort to exchange ideas, content and establish professional production of media coverage about, for and in LiberLand and around the globe. It shall provide advice and assistance for professionals as well as newcomers and accreditation for LiberLand media and members. The LLPA shall inform about media activities and members pledge that they shall never be paid for news content in order to assure independent coverage.

LLPA members only accept donations, provided they are without condition.
The LLPA is an independent non-governmental agency, free of prejudice of any kind.

Funding of the LLPA is by generous contributions of its members and private guardians of free unobstructed press production.

LLPA members offer all content in English and optionally any language of their choice. LLPA members publish content without rights of ownership or license for free distribution. Any and all income of LLPA members may only be obtained from advertising and any funding may never be related to topic covered in order to exclude any kind of influence. LLPA members recognize the LLPA as the authority for official Press credentials. Membership is free, but bound to the conditions listed herein.

Membership is for members of professionally producing media only.

Official LLPA Press Passes look like this sample:

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